Looking for Expert Guidance to Build Your Next Web App?

Hi! I’m Benedikt Deicke, a software engineer and strategy consultant from Germany. I help founders plan, build, grow, and maintain their web applications. In addition to working with awesome SaaS companies, I build my own products, organize a conference, contribute to open source, and co-host a podcast.


How do you pick the right hands for your next product?

So you have an amazing product idea, a solid marketing plan, and maybe even started taking pre-orders. But who can make it happen? It's hard and intimidating to pick the right candidate, putting your entire budget at stake. Freelancers are affordable but unreliable, while agencies charge for enormous overhead cost. Moreover, none of them will give you trustworthy recommendations. They're either unqualified or too biased...

I'm here to help as an independent consultant! You can count on the highest technical expertise, combined with flexibility and honesty that no agency will ever provide. Together we'll find the most suitable technical solution. Together we'll build a successful software product that will gracefully scale from your basic MVP to a mature product.

Excited, but utterly confused? Insecure? I've been in founder shoes and totally understand your feelings. This time you can feel safe and protected — your product is in loving hands!

Products & customers

I've been building software products for over 15 years. My best customers are small-to-medium sized SaaS companies that need strategic guidance or full technical implementation. These are some of the products I worked on in the past.

Userlist Stage CMS Tiny Reminder First Officer Statbot LinksSpy flinc EMP Finland Aupair World Papierkram Paij

Let's work together

Great news — I'm now accepting new client projects, and happy to help with yours! My services are available as low-risk, fixed-price packages. Please don't hesitate to ask for guidance — I'll show you around and explain all possible options. Should you need a custom solution, just get in touch and we'll figure out the right way to collaborate.

Starting at €256 for a consultation call. View all packages