Learn how to build and run solid SaaS applications

Do you want to turn your idea into a software product? Ever wished for a guide that helps you through all the technical challenges every SaaS application faces eventually?

This book covers everything you need to know. Starting with the development process, different deployment strategies, to common features (like payments or 3rd party integrations), to actually running and maintaining your application.

What is covered in this book?

Make no mistake, building and running a SaaS application is a huge task. Parts of it are very specific and unique to your particular application, but others are very similar between all SaaS applications. This book will cover topics like:

  • An efficient Development Process
  • Hosting and Deployment
  • Implementing Multi-Tenancy
  • Subscription Billing
  • Building Integrations
  • Reporting, Analytics, Metrics
  • Implementing Notifications
  • Customer Support Tools
  • Effective Monitoring
  • Performance Optimization

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Who is this for?

This book covers building a SaaS using Ruby on Rails. However, it doesn’t cover the basics of neither the language, nor the framework. Instead, it dives right into the details on how to implement certain features. If you’re just getting into software development, this book isn’t for you.

That being said, if you have decent experience in other programming languages and frameworks, you’ll probably be able to adapt most of the implementations to your particular stack.

Who is behind this?

Hi, I’m Benedikt Deicke. I’ve been working with Ruby on Rails for over a decade now. During the last couple of years as a consultant, I built several SaaS applications for customers, and even launched my own.

I’m based in Darmstadt, Germany and in addition to working with awesome SaaS companies, organize a conference, contribute to open source, and co-host a podcast.

What others are saying…

Before deciding to write this book, I helped other people build and launch their own SaaS applications. Here’s what some of them said about my training and support:

“Benedikt is a talented software engineer and an awesome consultant. He helped me to bring my product from idea to launch within just a few weeks. And I’m thrilled about his continuous help after the launch — it’s like having a co-founder on a retainer.”

— Jane Portman, founder of Tiny Reminder

“Learning Ruby on Rails on your own can be tough. Benedikt’s training not only helped me to build my first software product, it ultimately enabled me to make to the jump into becoming a Ruby on Rails freelancer.”

— Wilfried Irsslinger, founder of PandaLab and GoDriver

“Benedikt’s training helped me to transition from Java to Ruby on Rails. His quick response time and useful directions helped me to get over any difficulties I had. Today, I successfully run two SaaS applications and contribute to open source software.”

— Christoph Engelhardt, founder of LinksSpy and Terminretter

“Statbot processes a lot of data every day. With more (and larger) customers signing up, things started to get slow. Benedikt helped us analyze our performance bottlenecks and suggested improvements that helped us scale to an even larger customer base.”

— Åke Brattberg, founder of Statbot